Pit Fights

In Pit Fights, players can spectate, invest in, and wager on a roster of NPC champions that battle to the death in the Arena Pits. Pit Fights run in bursts of 10 matches, at the start of every hour. The Pit Fight Arenas are found to the south of the Duel Arena statue in the main lobby, and to the southeast of the Highlight Player Arena pit.

Spectator Wagers (Pit Fights)

Players can place any amount of Arena Token wagers on Pit Fights. The wager pools start off with 10k Arena Tokens on both sides of the pool (short-term server incentive). Wagers can be placed on either or both of the champions in the duel. Multiple consecutive wagers can be placed prior to the start of the fight. Additionally, there is a 5% fee taken from wager winnings on payout. This amount can be reduced to 2.5% with level 90 wagering skill.

When the duel starts, your Wager Percentage is calculated - if you bet 200k Arena Tokens on Champion A and the total amount bet on Champion A (including your wager) is 1M AT, your Wager Percentage is 20% (20/100). If Champion A wins,

  • You get your original 200k Arena Tokens back

  • You win 20% of the Total Amount Bet on Champion B (the other "Pool")

For the example above, player is wagering 200k on Champion A which has a pool size of 1M (which includes their 200k wager). Champion B has a pool size of 1M. The total pool size is 2M. Player will win 380k AT if Champion A wins (20% of total pool size minus 5% fees).

You can also bet on both sides of the fight, to hedge or take advantage of pool bet dynamics.

Essence Point (EP) Rewards for Bets

All bets made (win or lose) on Pit Fights will earn Essence Points, depending on the size of the bet. 1EP will be earned for approximately 10,000 Arena Tokens bet. If you bet fewer than 10,000 Arena Tokens, you will have a chance to earn 1EP based on the percentage out of 10,000. EP Rewards are on a logarithmic curve, creating diminishing returns for large bets. There is a maximum EP reward that can be earned per fight, regardless of total bet size.

To open the Spectator Wager view, click on the "Eye" orb above the Pit.

Note: If you are not online to receive the Arena Token & Essence Point Rewards on completion of a Pit Fight, only your Arena Token winnings will be added to your account the next time you login. Additionally, this is not a foolproof system as these refunds do not currently persist on server restart / maintenance.

Wagering Skill

The wagering skill tracks your progression towards mastery of wagering-related activities in Cambria. Every wager you make, regardless of bet size, grants you XP equal to 35 * CURRENT_WAGERING_LVL. Unlocking new levels from 1 to 99 unlocks new rewards, including:

Wagering LevelUnlock

Level 10

Ability to drink Beer

Level 30

Boo Emote (WIP)

Level 40

Equip the Oddsmaker Jacket, Oddsmaker Hat (Black and Red) which can be purchased from Viktor

Level 50

Oddsmaker Title, Red Eyes + Wagering Eye Glow (go to character customizer to pick)

Level 70

Unlock Text-to-Speech Power (WIP)

Level 90

Reduced Fees for Wagering from 5% to 2.5%

Level 99

Wagering Skill Cape (Coin Pile Jump) (WIP)

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