Pit Fights Round 0 (Out of Date)

In Pit Fights, players can spectate, invest in, and wager on a roster of NPC champions that battle to the death in the Arena Pits. Pit Fights run in bursts of 3-5 matches, every hour.


Champion Tokens

At the start of each Round (Round 0 will last for 3 days), Champion Tokens can be bought from the Duel Arena Shop for Arena Tokens. At the beginning of the round, 100 of each Champion Token is stocked in the shop, and can be bought at a price dictated by a bonding curve + base price (starting base price: 40k, ending price: ~150k).

Champion Tokens can be freely traded in game. At the end of the season, the Prize Pool for the Round (currently 4.5 ETH) is split to token holders of the Top 3 Champions by win/loss ratio.

  • 50% of Prize Pool to #1 (0.025E per Champion Token), + 500 EP per Champion Token

  • 35% of Prize Pool to #2 (0.015E per Champion Token) + 200 EP per Champion Token

  • 15% of Prize Pool to #3 (0.0067E per Champion Token) + 50 EP per Champion Token

In Round 0, there will be a total of 9 champions on the roster.

Spectator Wagers (Pit Fights)

Players can place any amount of Arena Token wagers on Pit Fights. The wager pools start off with 10k Arena Tokens on both sides of the pool (short-term server incentive). Wagers can be placed on either or both of the champions in the duel. When the duel starts, your Wager Percentage is calculated - if you bet 30k Arena Tokens on Champion A and the total amount bet on Champion A (including your wager) is 100k, your Wager Percentage is 30% (30/100). If you win:

  • You get your original 30k Arena Tokens back

  • You win 30% * (Total Amount Bet on Champion B)

To open the Spectator Wager view, click on the "Eye" orb above the Pit.

Note: You must be online during the fight to get your winnings at the end. If you are offline when the winnings are distributed, the tokens will be lost. We will be fixing this in a later patch.

Spectator Wagers (VIP Player Arena)

Coming soon.

Round 0 Roster


  • Round 0 lasts only 3 days but we keep champion token for the next season right ? Champion token gonna be NFT in few weeks or months ?

    • No. You will have the option to cash them in for ETH based on the values outlined in docs, or you can just keep them as collectibles if you want. but there will be new tokens every new round (at least that's the current design thought), we are not planning any use for these (at least in game) past the 3 days.

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