Cambria Duel Arena uses two contracts - a main contract (DuelArenaBattle) and an escrow contract (DuelArenaEscrow). Users deposit their stakes into the escrow contract prior to a Duel. Upon a player winning the duel, they get a signature from the Cambria Judge server to create a transaction to withdraw both their stake and the stake of their Duel counterparty.

Main Contract:


Points Operator for the Main Contract: 0xc5DB40980054628AD901846164c6B3418d92DABE

Escrow Contract:



The creators of the Cambria game do not at any point hold custody of your assets - all stakes are handled by the onchain escrow and Battle contracts. Please see the contract code for more info.

We are limited in certain actions. For more support, please create a ticket on our Discord.


Duel Arena contracts have been audited by 0xriptide -

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