In the ⚔️ Duel Arena, you can challenge anyone to a high-stakes 1v1 duel to the death in a public Arena. Players can wager any amount of 🪙 Arena Tokens or Blast ETH on their Duels with other players - winner-takes-all.

♦️ Essence Points

Essence Points (EP) are points towards our upcoming Cambria airdrop. Essence Points can be earned through staking Blast ETH on duels. The more you stake, the more your Essence Point reward, regardless of whether you win or lose the duel.

Please note: Cambria reserves the right to perform analyses to detect and discount Essence Points and Blast Charges gained through self-dueling with alternate accounts, "win-trading" and other actions. We use a risk score calculation based on actual risk, utilizing a blend of in-game, off-chain, and on-chain data, supplemented by manual tagging. Players who expand matchmaking liquidity by interacting with a wide range of active players, and who avoid arrangements such as "win-trading" or wash-trading, will receive a significant bonus to their Blast Gold during the distribution phase.

Arena Tokens

Arena Tokens are the main in-game item currency in the Duel Arena world. Arena Tokens are primarily used to purchase items from the Arena Shop store - chests, emotes, rares, and other items. Arena Tokens can be earned by dueling and through Daily Rewards.

Arena Tokens can also be used to wager on Highlight Arena or Pit Brawl (NPC v NPC) duels.

Blast ETH

Players that win their duel pay a 4% fee on the TOTAL earnings (including both initial stakes). The losing player does not pay any fees. Fee revenue is split as follows

Revenue Share (1%)

With our fee share system, 1% of the total staked volume of any player you invite accumulates directly to your account, and can be cashed out every Friday (min 0.1 ETH).

Normal players are limited to a max of 10 invite codes, so choose who you share the codes with wisely!

Influencers, as well as players who accumulate more than 5,000 Essence Points, can generate their own custom invite codes, for unlimited fee share revenue potential.

Excalibur (1.8%)

Excalibur is a global effect that chooses Duel victors at random and grants them a massive reward that accumulates in a pool the longer someone goes without winning it. 1.8% of all ETH staked is added to the Excalibur pool. Every time a player wins a crypto duel, there is a chance that they get chosen by Excalibur, instantly winning the higher of 0.2 ETH or the accumulated fee revenue. The likelihood of being chosen by Excalibur increases significantly the more you stake.

If you are the current holder of Excalibur, you also gain a 1.5x multiplier on ALL essence points earned, until someone else claims it! Excalibur winners can also wield the sword in game during this period.

Cashout Friday and Other Incentives (1.2%)

The remainder of fee revenue will be used for Cashout Friday and other incentive pools for new game modes (Pit Fights, Gold Rush) at the teams discretion.

Cashout Friday qualification varies week by week.


Are there levels, weapons, or armor that give me a stat advantage during duels?

No. All duels start with both players perfectly balanced regardless of clothing equipped.

Will items I unlock by opening Chests be NFTs?

We plan on minting a subset of the rares available in the Duel Arena game world to a NFT collection. Stay tuned for more on this.

Where can I spend Arena Tokens?

Go to the Duel Arena shop, to the right of the Arena Pit, and south of the Bank.

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