4/21 - Changelog


  • F2P duel Arena Token rewards reduced to 30/win and 15/loss

  • F2P essence rewards disabled

  • Added a profile screen that displays dueling statistics

  • Added Rugged Orb for participants of the initial Pit Fights v0 testing

  • Blast Gold earned now appears next to your Duel Essence points

  • Blast Gold earned displays in lobby

  • Invite codes UI now displays your referrals in-game name and their total ETH volume

  • Added Titles which can be earned via various in game accomplishments

  • Updated chat UI

  • Added Wagering skill and reward track

  • Added personal ETH volume display to Blast Orb UI

  • Added new video/music to login screen

  • Added Blast Gold looting event

  • Added support for Blast NFTs


  • Fixed a bug where you could move freely during a duel

  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to unequip your weapon during a duel

  • Fixed a bug where clicking open on a chest quickly would yield multiple items from a single chest

  • Fixed a bug where quickly withdrawing and depositing items into the bank would duplicate them

  • Fixed a bug where dropping Arena Tokens could result in duplication

  • Disabled drag & drop resorting of inventory as it would break the UI

  • Returned to single world while improvements are made to multi-world

  • Fixed in-game connect socials links

  • Dueling related optimization fixes

  • Fixed a bug where duel type could be changed after accepting

  • Fixed losing the ability to equip Excalibur after logout

  • Fixed a bug where withdrawing all of one item could overflow inventory

  • Misc. performance fixes

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