4-27 - Incentive Changes

Incentive Changes

We’re going to be making some improvements to our Blast Gold distribution methodology for Distribution #3, intended to reward active players that are providing ETH matchmaking liquidity, and participating in early playtests of upcoming game modes.

Blast Orb Potency

Blast Tome earning rates will now fluctuate based on the Potency of your Orb. Orb Potency starts at 0%, and can be increased at a flat rate (5%) every time you earn any Essence - via dueling, wagering on Pit Fights, or earning Essence in Gold Rush (coming soon!) - up to a daily cap of 40%. Orb Potency slowly drains 10% a day, with a 24hr grace period.

Rewarding Real Risk

We’re going to be calculating a risk score, based on actual risk taken, based on a variety of ingame / offchain and onchain data analysis and manual tagging. Players that provide matchmaking liquidity to a broader pool of active players, and those who are not engaged in arrangements that could be construed as “win-trading” / wash-trading will get a substantial bonus applied to their Blast Gold at time of distribution.

F2P Essence

Players with (now discontinued) F2P essence below a certain playthrough ratio will have their EP converted to unlocked EP at a 10% rate.

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