Airdrop 2: BLAST SZN


Airdrop 2 (BLAST SZN) will be Cambria’s biggest Essence Point unlock to date.

In addition to Cambria points, players can claim a portion of our Blast Gold winnings (50% of $BLAST airdrop) up until June, with the Blast Orb system. The more powerful your Orb, the more Blast Gold you can get. This will include all of the Blast Gold from winning the Big Bang Competition.

To charge up your Orb, start stacking Essence Points via 3 ways:


What is Cambria?

Cambria is a competitive, risk-to-earn MMO with massive onchain stakes. We built Cambria to satisfy our itch for a massively multiplayer game where millions in ETH and tokens are won and lost daily. With Cambria, we go back to the roots of old-school MMOs - simple to play, addictive, with no rules or limits. Inside of the Cambria game world, you can find the following:

Blast Gold Vault

The royal treasury of Cambria has been piling up a massive store of treasure in the Capital.

On day 1, this vault will start with a 224,305 Blast Gold, from our Distribution 1 winnings and from winning the Big Bang Competition. Every 2 weeks, Out of this World airdrops of Blast Gold will also be deposited into the vault, along with ETH and other in-game rares.

Claiming Blast Gold

Visitors to the Arena can click on the Wizened Old Man to obtain an empty Blast Orb.

To earn Blast Gold, players will need to charge up their Blast Orbs with magical charges from Blast Tomes. Blast Tomes drop in a variety of ways, but the vast majority can be automatically earned based on your ♦️ Essence Point balance. Click on the Blast Orb, and go to the "Get More Charges" tab to check how many Blast Tomes you've earned so far!

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