12/20 - Changelog

Rewards & Incentives

  • Fees per Duel dropped from 4% to 3%

    • 1% Fee Share, 0.5% Excalibur, 1.5% Treasury

  • Essence Bonus with Fee Share

    • All Friday cashouts of Fee Share earnings (>0.1 E) now earn an additional 5,000 Essence Points per ETH earned via Fee Share.

      • e.g. if you cash out 0.3E in Fee share earnings, you will receive an additional 1,500 Essence Points

  • Personal Invite Codes

    • Any player can now create their unlimited use fee share code upon reaching 5k Essence Points earned. You can create this code directly through the Invites popup in game


  • Christmas Map :) + SNOW!

  • Event

    • Christmas Crackers -> 500 Essence to collect one. Players can select a cracker color

      • these colored crackers can be opened & revealed on the 29th, with a twist :)

    • 5 Days of Christmas -> Daily Rewards that can be unlocked on any 5 consecutive days before the event ends (Jan 3rd).

    • Snowballs, Christmas Beer, and more :)

    • Limited time Christmas Rares in Shop


  • Excalibur v2 - the current Excalibur holder can now wield the sword and earn 1.5x Essence Points until someone else claims the sword.

    • Excalibur is untradeable but is kept forever, repeat winners can collect multiple swords (they cannot wield it though unless they are the current holder)

    • Excalibur winnings history is now visible from the "View History" button in game

    • Excalibur wins are now pushed to Discord via our bot

  • Economy v2 - comprehensive auditing, monitoring infra and reward redesign

    • Chests & item dropping are now enabled

  • Matchmaking Improvements

    • Choose ETH / Token range for your desired stake amount range - shows above your head

    • Lobby to find other people looking for the same stake range

  • Preset Stake Amount buttons (+0.001, 0.01, 0.1 ETH)

    • Additional: 🔄 button to use amount from last duel

  • Highlight Arena Spectator Mode

    • Click on the "Eye" object to enter this mode

  • Bank Item stacking, 1k/1m/1b/1t shorthand syntax support for quantities

  • Updated Keybinds (Tabs, Stances, Special attacks)

  • Sound FX rework - ambience, combat

  • Draggable Items sorting in Inventory

  • Fixed dragonsteel dagger special attack

  • Prompt to bridge added to tutorial



  • Packet flooding exploits

  • Object / Player distortion on zoom while hovering over entity

  • Memory spikes on frontend

  • Backend networking issues

  • Token quantity display bugs

  • Fixed frontend issue with Chest opening

  • Misc fixes + refactoring of core systems

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