11/24 - Changelog

  • Added Greataxe Duels

  • Private Bathhouse for players with 100+ Essence Points with TV (YT, Twitch, etc.)

  • Excalibur + Excalibur Pool counter

  • Lowered % Rake for Treasury to 2%. Increased Duel Fees to 4% (1% Invite Codes, 1% Excalibur)

  • Increased price of rares, added a few more rares to shop

  • Added Match Stakes Button for Crypto / Game Items

  • Add duel fee warning to duel request screen if player does not have the ETH

  • Map Update for Duel Arena

  • Performance updates - backend CPU, frontend entity handling logic

  • Fixed Invite Code Fee Share - should show up correctly in Invite modal

  • Add Staked Items to Duel History Screen (statue)

  • Existing players can generate up to 20 total codes (10 + 10)

  • Add error modal

  • Update shop stock command

  • Don't pull all ERC-20's to avoid spamming the inventory

  • Recover-duels command for moderators

  • Show correct NFTs, don't double sort

  • Colored Names for staff, influencers, etc.

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