5/8 - Changelog

Changelog (5/5)

  • Excalibur Pool growth rate has been increased by 50%

  • Duel and Wager rewards UI now including Bonus amount in EP reward

  • Loading Invitations UI is more performant

  • Disabled name changes

Changelog (5/8)

  • Pacmoon Collaboration

    • 1 Million $PAC Reward pool created

      • Kick-off Event - Duel for $PAC!

        • One random duel will be drawn every 24hr. The winner of that duel will win 40k $PAC, the loser will win 10k $PAC.

        • Any ETH duel (including min stakes 0.001E) qualifies

        • This event will last for 5 days

      • ??? Event - coming soon...

    • Pacmoon Head added to shop

      • Requires >=1000 PAC or wPAC Held to Buy and Equip

    • Pacmoon Holder title added for those with >=1000 PAC or wPAC

    • 10% Boost to EP and AT rewards for holding 10,000 PAC or wPAC

  • Players can now earn AT from No Stake and AT Stake (F2P) duels based on their Blast Orb Potency

  • Wagering Fees, 5%, is cut in half for players over Lvl 90 Wagering

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