đŸ“ĻDuel Arena v3 / Airdrop 3

Changelog (JUL-2024)

New Features:

  • Airdrop 3 Duel Arena Essence Points now Live

  • Falchion Duels

  • Duel Arena on Mobile -> Download and Play as a PWA on your phone!

  • Duel Squads - team up with friends to rank up for multipliers and other rewards

  • Wizard Management - earn MORE EP with your EP, compounding daily!

  • Passive Earning in revamped Bathhouse (EP), lowered Video/Stream AT costs

  • Pit Fights v2 + Highlight Arena Betting, coming soon...

Major Changes:

  • Fees dropped from 4% to 3%

    • 1% to Excalibur, 0.5% to weekly incentives, 1.5% to Treasury

  • SEASON 2 Blast Gold will be earned based on EP EARNINGS per 2-week period - Blast Orb, Blast Tome, Risk Score, etc. have been phased out

  • Arena Token rewards for Fun Duels have been restored to 35/75 Arena Tokens

Other Updates:

  • Default Combat Stance is set to Aggressive at the start of every duel

  • All changes from latest build (GOLD RUSH) integrated into Duel Arena - performance, UI, QoL, sound, movement, etc.

  • Boxing has been removed

  • Whip-DDS now requires >20 Dueling from both participants, instant switch re-enabled

  • Default duel type is now Whip

  • New lighting updates

  • Patron Title now has a Gold player name color. Influencers are now red names.

  • NFT PFP's can now be unset, by clicking on it again after it is selected

  • Fixed Click Interactions when context changes (picking up items on ground, clicking on entities, etc.)

  • Chat Notification Dot if you have Chat minimized but get a Duel Request

  • Various UI overhauls for Mobile release

  • Faded Hitsplats for splats that are not relevant to you

  • Toggle Run with "R" key

  • Due to Fee changes Excalibur contribution rate has been reduced to the 1% payout and the chance to hit has been halved across all stake values

  • Fixed UserRole display issue so the role colour displays correctly.

  • Added hyperlink support.

  • Improved styling for consistent font sizes and proper word breaks.

  • Corrected Title Selection UI size.

  • Fixed an issue preventing title changes.

  • Fixed the Global messages (/s), so that they actually send globally.

  • Resolved an issue allowing attacks post-duel.

  • Fixed a bug which prevents players from being attacked if they had logged out.

  • Notifications now show in the Chatbox about duel start and result submission.

  • Gravestones now appear again on death (5s for DA, 120s for GR).

  • Prevented duel modal from closing on outside clicks.

Temp Level / Potion Adjustments (Gold Rush)

  • Modified temporary levels to accumulate properly with potions, including hitpoints.

  • Current hitpoints now also displays in the skills tab.

  • Fixed a bug which could cause the player to become invincible.

  • Adjusted hitpoint restore rate, now scaling dependant on hitpoint level.

  • Adjusted potion values for better game balance.

    • Previously 2 temp levels for WEAK potions, increased to 5.

    • Previously 10 temp levels for the Super Magic Potion, decreased to 7.

  • Updated context menu initialization to pointer down for mobile support.

  • Added long press support for mobile context menu options.


What happens to my previous Essence Points?

A: Previous Essence Points from Airdrop 2: BLAST SZN count towards our upcoming token airdrop, and have been locked in and snapshot. Airdrop 3 points are separately tracked on the current Essence Points leaderboard. We are still working on the Airdrop 1 & 2 EP historical leaderboard on the lobby, and will be releasing that soon.

What about Blast Orbs?

A: Blast Orbs have been disabled. Future Season 2 Blast Gold distributions will be based on EP earnings per epoch, split between Duel Arena and Gold Rush.

What happens to my existing Fee Share?

A: If this amount is above 0.01 ETH, create a ticket in our Discord to cash this out.

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