3/5 - Changelog


  • Find Duel button => Matchmaking Lobby

Rewards Changes (Temporary - Public Launch)

The reward changes make it easier for F2P players to get involved ahead of our Gold Rush preseason.

  • Base Essence Points reward for all duels (incl. fun duels) is now 3 EP per win, 1 EP per loss

  • Increased Essence Points scaling for ETH duels from stakeAmountEth * 1200 to stakeAmountEth * 1500

  • Reduced the Arena Token rewards for fun / token duels to 30 tokens per loss, 75 tokens per win.

Note: Cambria reserves the right to permanently ban or heavily discount the Essence Points of any account suspected of botting the duel rewards. Our Blast Gold incentive program is subject to change at any point.

Rewards Fixes

  • Fixed issue where winner vs loser rewards were swapped

  • Add a floor to ETH staked duel rewards to always be higher than fun/token duels


  • Fix Blast Hood

  • Correctly update Blast Charge amount on login

  • Correctly label the "Legendary" and "Rare" Blast charge rewards

  • Decimal input on Arena Token offer

  • Prevent following in duel

  • Recover Duels fixes

  • Fix duel button overlapping in spectator mode

  • Fixed chat text shadow for titles

  • Show Excalibur snow-capped icon only while snow is falling

  • Thousands seperators in Blast USD balance

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