Duel FAQ

How much can I stake in a single duel?

There is currently a 10 ETH limit to stakes in a single duel.

Am I able to stake others’ crypto assets?

No. You must sign a cryptographic signature containing the details of the agreed on duel from your own digital wallet for every duel.

What happens if a game is interrupted mid-play?

The Cambria game servers will void the duel if interrupted mid-play in certain scenarios (e.g. server shutdown or downtime). In these scenarios, Players can withdraw their initial stakes from the escrow contract and the duel will be considered a draw.

What happens to my staked item if the game never resumes (i.e. the other player doesn’t engage in play, or a network outage or some other interruption occurs before the game starts)?

In the event that some interruption occurs before the duel starts, the duel will be voided, and players will be able to retrieve any already deposited items.

Players that disconnect during a duel, outside of a server shutdown scenario (see D), will remain active in the duel until their player character (or their opponent’s player character) wins the duel. In the event of a win, players can retrieve their winnings at any future point in time through the game’s interfaces.

Three (3) minutes after the duel begins, both players will begin to take poison damage at intervals until one or both of them dies, to prevent duels from continuing indefinitely.

Is there a way for a player to void an agreed upon commitment after they lose a game to another player?

No. After deposit into the escrow wallet, the items are governed by the rules of the smart contract, which do not allow the withdrawal of deposited stakes outside of a resolution of the relevant duel (Victory, Defeat, or Draw) issued by the Cambria authoritative game servers.

Is there a public record of smart contracts related to any of my stake and games?

See Contracts.

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