3/8 - Changelog


  • Add confirmation before dropping rare items or items in stacks 1k or larger

  • Reworked Blast Orb screen, highlight orb to prevent confusion

  • (Potential) Fix for Game Crashes, still investigating

  • Hitstop animations

  • New ETH dueler lobby (bottom left)

Rewards Changes ⭐

Targeted at incentivizing low-mid stakes ETH duels with major boosts to Excalibur, Essence Point gain.

  • [Excalibur] Changes

    • 2x the likelihood of Excalibur winning

    • 2x the amount added to the Excalibur pool (0.5% => 1%) per duel

    • Min Excalibur Win doubled from 0.1 ETH to 0.2 ETH

  • Locked Essence Points reward for F2P (incl. fun duels) is now 1 EP per duel, win or lose.

  • Min ETH stake duels rewards raised to 7 EP at 0.001 ETH, scaled on a curve up to 0.01, then linearly to 0.1.

Note: Excalibur likelihood scales with amount of ETH staked, up to 1 ETH.


  • Fix XP Dropdown positioning & styling

  • Fix Cry Emote eligibility (should be >30 Dueling skill)

  • Automatically redirect to the lobby from play if your session is expired

  • Fix rolling leaderboard on lobby

  • Fix visual display of total item quantity on item add to trade window (thanks @ziggy)

Additional Info:

EP Scaling between 0.001 and 0.01 ETH breakdown

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