5/2 - Changelog


  • You can now right-click on a player's chat message in the chatbox to send them a Duel Request

  • Added new Essence Rewards track

  • Added Golden Axe (unlocked at 100k EP)

  • Dueling XP now multiplied by your current dueling level.

    • This was retroactively applied to all players

  • New hair colors added - click the "Profile" tab in the lobby to change your hair color

  • Adjusted Blast Tome probabilities to correctly roll for the rare/epic/legendary tiers

  • Brubec's Bar is re-opened! Added Beer

  • Increased Beer effect duration from 15 to 60 seconds

  • Added wagering cosmetics to the Arena Shop

  • Duels now default to axes and can be switched to other duel types normally


  • Fixed a bug where the trade timer reset when a duel was accepted

  • Fixed Golden Axe SFX

  • Fixed typos

  • Misc performance and optimization fixes

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