Combat Mechanics

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v1.2 (Current)

March 3rd, 2024 at 10:51AM UTC

A duel is a 1v1 battle between two players, according to a mutually agreed upon ruleset.

Duel Types

In v1.0, the only duel rule that can be changed is the Duel Type. This rule can only be changed by the initiator of the duel, and is agreed to by their counterparty. The Duel Type primarily controls what weapons the duelists can use during duel combat, as follows:

  • Greataxe (Easy Difficulty)

  • Whip (Medium Difficulty)

  • Whip + Dragonsteel Dagger (Hard Difficulty)

Note: By default, the rules "No Food," "No Potions," "No Movement," and "Melee-Only" apply.

Duel Mechanics

Each duel starts with the Duel Negotiation, during which both parties agree to the stakes of the duel and the Duel Type. Upon confirmation and depositing of any stakes, the Duel begins.

Players can stake nothing (Fun Duel), Arena Tokens (in-game currency to purchase cosmetics and unlock acccess to in-game features), or ⚡ Blast ETH.

At the start of the Duel, both players are teleported to the Arena, facing off directly across from each other, within melee attack distance. After a 5-second countdown, the Duel begins. To start attacking the other player, left-click on their player character or select the "Attack" option from the menu opened by right-clicking on their character. Attack inputs during the 5-second countdown before the Duel begins will be ignored by the game.

Weapon Stance Switching

To switch weapon stances, navigate to the Combat tab and click on the Combat Stance that you would like to switch to.


The accurate stance has an average max hit, but is the most accurate, resulting in lower variance in overall DPS.


The aggressive stance has the highest max hit out of all the stances, but is also the least accurate, resulting in higher variance in overall DPS.


The defensive stance has the lowest max hit, and is average in accuracy, but has the key advantage of increasing the player's evasion (block) chance.


Other Details:

  • Changing combat stances will lock in your selection until either you land your next hit, or your opponent lands theirs.

Weapon Switching

Note: Only applicable to Whip + Dragonsteel Dagger duels

To switch weapons, navigate to your Inventory tab and equip the weapon you would like to switch to.

Special Attacks

Note: Only applicable to Whip + Dragonsteel Dagger duels

Special Attacks are unique abilities that can be activated at any point during combat by clicking on the Special Attack Bar. This ability will take effect on the next player attack, in place of the default weapon attack. Special Attacks have a special attack energy cost which is consumed on use. Players start each Duel with 100 special attack energy. This does not regenerate during the Duel, and is instantly regenerated to full at the end of the duel.

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